My BF and his friend fucked me hard

For starters, I was a little on the buzzed side. Alcohol has always had quite an effect on me when it comes to sex. I was washing dishes in the kitchen while the guys were in the backyard cleaning up. When I finished up inside, I went out to see if they needed any help but they were done and just sitting around talking. Jon and Ian were sitting on benches across from each other. I was about to sit with Jon said,

“Babe, show Ian your tits again.”

I turned to Ian and did as I was told.

“They’re not that great” I said as I held them up in my hands.

“They’re awesome” said Ian while he stared.

Jon, being the instigating perv that he is, said “Let him touch them”

I was already in a certain mood so I didn’t question him. I just walked up to Ian and put my boobs in his face. Ian started to feel them up and even sucked on my nipples a little bit. I have sensitive nipples and having them sucked gets me pretty wet almost instantly. I was already horny as it was so this kinda put me over the top. I started to rub my knee against his crotch a little bit and could feel him getting hard. I reached down and rubbed him a bit with my hand too.

“Do you want me to go down on you?” I asked Ian

He immediately looked over at Jon who was of course loving this whole thing.

“Just say yes” Jon said to Ian.

Ian just nodded his head at me. I knelt down in front of him between his legs, undid his pants, and pulled out his dick. He was really hard and even had some pre-cum built up already. I licked it off with the very tip of my tongue. I teased him a little bit and I could tell he was getting anxious because he would try to push his hips towards me a little. I eventually put him out of his misery and started to give him a proper blowjob. It didn’t take long for Jon to come over to sit on the bench with Ian so he could get a better look. After a few minutes, Jon pulled out his dick and started to stroke himself while he watched, and eventually reached over and started to play with my tits too and even took my top completely off. Feeling the extra hand on me is was really put me over the edge. It immediately brought back flashbacks of threesomes I had in the past and even though I had been putting it off, I didn’t want to put it off any longer.

“Why don’t we go to your room” I said to Jon.

Jon’s eyes lit up which made me laugh a little. He had been wanting this for so long I’m sure he was a little in disbelief that it was actually going to happen.

“You down?” Jon asked Ian.

“I’m down” Ian responded.

I got up and walked back inside with Ian and Jon following. When I got to Jon’s room, I sat on the bed, took my shorts and underwear off, and laid back and spread my legs open wondering which of the two would fuck me first. Instead though, Jon started going down on me with such enthusiasm that I wasn’t going to stop him. Ian apparently was enjoying the blowjob because he knelt beside my head and put his dick back into my mouth. I was incredibly turned on. It had been such a long time since I had a threesome that the mere fact that I had two guys one me like that made me cum in just a couple of minutes.

Jon started to finger both my pussy and ass while he ate me out which sent me over the edge again and Ian eventually went from passively receiving a blowjob from me to actively fucking my mouth which also got me to cum. All of this within a 10 minute span.

“You should fuck her” I hear Jon say to Ian out of nowhere.

threesome 1

Ian pulls himself of out my mouth and looks down and says, “If it’s okay with you”

“It’s more than okay with me” I say with a smile.

Jon got up and came around to my head on the opposite side while Ian got between my legs.

“Do you guys have condoms?” asked Ian, very politely.

“She hates condoms” answered Jon which made me laugh.

“There’s some in the top drawer over there, but you don’t have to use one if you don’t want to. I’m okay either way” I say to Ian.

Jon is right, I hate condoms but I also didn’t want Ian to feel uncomfortable so was fine if he decided he wanted to use one and it’s totally understandable if he did. But, lucky for me, after I said what I said, he lined himself up, and pushed himself inside of me. Both the physical feeling of having a new cock inside of me, and the mental stimulation of being in that situation started to put me over the edge again, and it wasn’t long before I was climaxing again. Ian really knew how to fuck too. Once he found a rhythm, he was really giving my pussy a work out. Jon popped out of my mouth a few times from how hard Ian was fucking me. I was definitely out of practice lol. There was a ton of dirty talk between Jon and me but Ian was pretty focused on just fucking me and didn’t really say anything. After a bit I stopped Ian and I got on all fours and had them switch.

threesome 2

When Ian came around to my head, I could see some of my creamy cum still around the base of his cock which was evidence of just how turned on I was. Ian didn’t take it easy on my mouth either and used the same enthusiasm that he was earlier. Meanwhile, I could feel Jon pacing himself, slowing his thrusts down and a couple of times even stopping to keep himself from cumming. He had been wanting this for so long that I’m sure it was hard for him not to finish.

After a bit I told Ian to lay down on the bed and I started to ride him while Jon stood beside me so I could suck him off. I knew that I could more easily control him with my mouth so that he wouldn’t cum.

“Want me to fuck your ass while you ride him?” asked Jon in the middle of it.

As much as I wanted to get DP’d, I knew that Jon would blow the moment he entered my ass just knowing that I was actually doing it.

“Next time babe” I said and continued to suck his cock.

I think just the thought of it was enough for him though because I could tell he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for much longer. So, I started to really work him with my mouth while I rode Ian as hard as I could. Sure enough, Jon started to say that he was ready to cum. I stopped moving (much to Ian’s frustration) because I didn’t want Jon’s cum to end up getting on Ian which I’m sure would have killed the mood. Jon ended up cumming in my mouth.

Jon stepped aside and let me and Ian continue. I got off of Ian and slid down a bit to give him some more head which he was loving. I gave his balls some attention too which he seemed to really like. We then moved to some more missionary during which he pushed my legs back further than they have gone in a long time. I could tell that Ian was getting close so I turned around and had him fuck me from behind. He was still fucking me with the same vigor that he started with. He was laying on my back rather than standing up so he was constantly kissing and licking my back and neck which was really sexy.

“Can I cum inside of you?’ I heard him whisper into my ear.

threesome 3

“Yeah, cum in my pussy” I said out loud knowing that Jon would love hearing me say that.

Not long after, I could feel Ian’s hot load fill my pussy. He stayed inside me for a bit after, just laying on top of me. I could feel some of his cum starting to drip out. Ian excused himself to go to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to sit up and show my dripping pussy to Jon which he loved and I could see was starting to get him hard again. Ian left after he cleaned up and got dressed.

I hadn’t had a threesome in about two years, but after that night, I remembered how much fun they are and why I loved them so much to begin with. I can’t wait to do it again.