I had a load shot into my mouth

Tonight I decided to see if he wanted to drive out to my work and I would suck him off in his car. Much to my surprise (and delight) he was all for it!

The minutes that I had to wait for him to drive to me were agonizing. My heart was racing, my pussy was aching, and I couldn’t wait to feel his cock in my mouth. To taste his precum.

Finally I received the message that he was here and I met him down the road. I climbed out of my car and into his. We made a bit of small talk until I finally asked, “so, do you want a bj?” Not more than five seconds later his pants were around his ankles and his semi-hard cock was presented. I took him into my mouth and he quickly became hard as a rock. I love knowing that I did that.

Jayden Jaymes car blow job 1


While I was working his cock with my mouth, I was massaging his balls with my hand. Flicking my tongue all around the tip of his cock. Taking as much of his cock that I could into my throat. He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in person by far, and I love deep throating it. I told him how difficult it was for me and he joked that I just needed more practice… I’m inclined to agree.

Jayden Jaymes car blow job 2

His hands roamed all over my body, down my back, and quickly found their way to my ass. He grabbed and clawed, rubbed and squeezed. I turn to putty when there are hands on my ass. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second. I couldn’t help but moan on his cock over and over. He took his finger and ran it on the outside of my pants over my asshole and pussy lips… I gasped on his cock as he whispered, “you like when I do that with my cock in your mouth, don’t you?” All I could manage was a long drawn out “mmmhmmm.” He kept running my pussy lips and grabbing my ass roughly and I thought I was going to cum right there.

Jayden Jaymes car blow job 3

His cock is so huge that my jaw ended up getting cramped and I could hardly use my mouth anymore. I switched between using my hands, my mouth, and using both until he was almost there… and then I got a page from work.

Jayden Jaymes car blow job 4

He quickly jerked himself to the point of no return and I took his cock back, just in time to feel his hot cum shoot into my mouth. He groaned and bucked and I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear once I had swallowed all his cum like a good girl. He tried briefly to explain to me what it felt like to cum inside a mouth, but quickly lost steam, it was rather endearing. We parted ways and I’m still smiling ear to ear, sitting in my car with the wettest panties I’ve ever worn. I can’t wait to cum.

Jayden Jaymes car blow job 5