I filled her with my cum

For the past year, the sex has been great. I’ve had a few hook ups travelling, and a bunch now that I’m finishing school, but none have come close to my hooking up with Hannah.

I met Hannah off Tinder, actually. I’m usually a bit skeptical about meeting girls off Tinder, but we seemed to have a good chat and she was fit, cute, and had long, curly hair (my favorite). Our first date was pretty simple, so on our second date we decided to go to a local chain restaurant and get some drinks. After a few cocktails, we both got much more flirty. Her hands would rest on my arm when she told a story, and I started touching her hands. We left before we got drunk, but I invited her to come over and watch Archer (a mutually favorite show).

When we got to my house, I already knew what I wanted. She was wearing tight, black yoga pants and a long sleeve shirt. I just couldn’t believe her ass. It was round, a bit large, but very firm, which tends ro be the case for a lot of female athletes. I decided that we should watch it in my room, which of course, meant cuddling.

Cuddling, as it does often, turned into making out. Making out, into groping. When I slid my hand under her shirt and over her bra, she let out a slight moan. I slid off her shirt revealing a really busty set of tits, contained by a black lacy bra. I slid her bra down, and took one of her nipples in my mouth. Now, I know everyone is a rock star sex god on here, but she loved this. I’ve never been with a girl who loved having her nipples nibbled and sucked before. I started off slow and tender, but after her moaning “harder” and “faster”, I started going wild on her tits. Her back started to arch, and she started moaning my name. I felt the familiar trembling, and was surprised to discover that she could cum from this, and with her now moist panties, that she was a squirter. Let me tell you, for me? Jackpot.

I only had my shirt off at this point so I stood up and told her to “Come here” and “Get on your knees”, channeling my inner Dom. I told her to take off my pants, and to start sucking me. Now, I know everyone is huge in their stories, but truly there is nothing better than seeing a girl working on your 9 inch dick. I told her to look up at me, and seeing her swallow my dick and her blue eyes looking up at me did it for me, I told her I wanted in her pussy, now.

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I had her over in doggy on my bed, which is a mutual favorite. She’s a bit of a size queen, and she likes feeling all 9 inches slide in, as well as the bit of pain she feels from me bumping into her cervix. I climbed in, and entered her hot, tight pussy. I felt her almost immediately clamp down on my dick, and an orgasm course through her a few seconds later. This only served to release the animal in me.

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I was a bit drunk and open, so I started talking dirty in her ear. I asked her if she liked my dick in her pussy, and when she said yes, I grabbed a handful of her hair and told her that “Yes sir” was the only acceptable answer. I kept pounding her as she kept saying “Yes sir” instead of moaning yes, which wasn’t what I meant, but hot nonetheless. I felt another orgasm rip through her body, but I didn’t stop as her pussy gripped my dick, which rolled her straight into another orgasm.

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After we repeated this process, I knew she was close. I kept pounding away, leaned over into her ear and asked her how badly she wanted me to fill her with my cum. She said she wanted it badly, and kept saying ” Cum in me!” and “Give me your cum!” I pounded her as hard as possible, and felt the feeling of a huge load building up. I exploded balls deep in her pussy, feeling what felt like my whole body emptying into her. I cum quite a bit, so it felt like the combination of my dick and cum were stretching her out. We came at the same time, and laided there basking in what had been the best sex either of us had ever had.

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