I came in my supervisors mouth

I came in my supervisors mouth, Lets call him Mr R. I started a new job as a barmaid about a week ago. I knew he liked what he saw from my training days as he spent the whole time checking me out and staring down my top, flirting with me while showing me around the place. It was my second shift. All the staff and myself went out for drinks. A few tequilas later and just the two of us left. He offered to take me home but I refused because I knew my place was a mess so we ended up at his. As soon as we walked in he started ripping off my clothes while violently kissing me. He had raging confidence and knew exactly what he was doing. Mr R had thrust me on to his bed and started caressing my pussy. I couldn’t keep the moans in. He inserted two fingers deep while licking and sucking my clit. He didn’t stop until I was shaking. As he got up and passionately kissed me I tried to turn the tables. He refused. He wouldn’t let me return the favor. He pined me down, tied me up explaining that he wasn’t finished with me yet. There was nothing I could do but sit back and enjoy. He fucked me so good. We were so loud that we woke up his house mate in the room next door. The morning after I start sorting myself out to leave. He wakes up and in his sexy morning voice ask’s me ‘where are you going? we haven’t had round two’ you can imagine what happened next.

Now I can’t wait to go back to work and let him have his way with me again. Lets hope this becomes part of my work schedule ;).

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